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[Rainmeter Skin] Black Rock Shooter

If you're wondering, I've recently decided to give Hatsune Miku a chance...
Click here to download and install Rainmeter.
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"Hey look, the guy who claims to hate everything-Vocaloid made a Black Rock Shooter Rainmeter Skin!" is what you may be thinking. Yeah... well... SO? I said it myself, the way they played it out was bad, but it was decent. The action, at least.
On to the details of the matter! Same as before, this post contains information about the skin that you can find in the README.txt if you download it.

I went with basics this time. None of that crazy complicated shit I did last time. (It was complicated only because of the way the .ini was modified. If anyone wants, I'll re-modify it to make it easier to understand... or more difficult.
  • As always, the skin displays all information you'll probably need to know.
  • Each letter (B, R, S) opens/executes a folder/program. Guide to follow.
  • WinAmp.
  • All WinAmp info (time left, seek, player buttons) disappear when music is stopped or WinAmp is closed. However, the play button stays visible.
  • Skin is approximately 650x400 pixels.
  • Entire skin uses about 2,300 Memory.
  • I call it "v1" because I may make modifications in the future.
Changing the Program(s)/Target(s) on the two buttons
Open the BRSv1.ini file and almost immediately, you'll see "Path1=" and two others. Let's use Skyrim's .exe as an example. Assuming it's on your desktop, Right-Click > Properties > Target > Copy the entire selection. Example:
"C:\Games\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim\SkyrimLauncher.exe"
Now, paste that so that the line now looks something like this:
Path1="C:\Games\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim\SkyrimLauncher.exe"
Do the same for the other two paths.
Path1 = B
Path2 = R
Path3 = S

Changing a Drive Location
If you by any chance have a different external, internal, whatever the case, then here’s how to change it. Do the same thing as above. Click Ctrl+H in the .ini file, type in C:\ or D:\ (whichever you do not have) for “Find” and paste or type in the correct name for the drive for “Replace.” 
However, if you know you'll never need the third drive slot, either delete the whole section or leave it blank as it'll just have nothing shown (I think).

About the IP Address
If you do not want the label "IP Address" to appear above it, open the .ini file. After you open, hit Ctrl+F and enter "meterIPLabel" into the blank (remove the quotation marks). You'll see "Hidden=0" at the bottom of that section. Change the value to 1.
If you do not want it to label IP, but you want the actual Value to be displayed "higher" or "closer" to the DL and UP, do the above, but also change the Y value so that it equals 0r.

About the Font Size
If you would like the font to be bigger or smaller, open the .ini file. There should be two "FontFace" values. One for 11 and one for 9. If you decide to change it, I encourage you to keep the first value higher than the second value by at least two. However, change to how you see fit.

Nook(s) and Cranny(ies) to be Aware of
The position doesn't save for me. But it may save for you. Please do reassure me if my skin's position saves.
Example: Open the skin, move it to a specific place on the desktop, refresh skin. After you refresh, it will reset back to where all skins open: the top left.
In my other skin, I had the same problem. However, my friend said it saved position for him. I'm not the best here. Let me know if you find a fix or if it works fine for you.

The following may have been fixed. But the method I used may have made another problem. I just don't know what yet.
The clock does not know how to use 0 properly. For example, sometimes it'll read:
0:2 instead of 00:02 for 12:02 AM, since it's military time.
2:0 instead of 20:00 for 8:00 PM.
Fix it if you know how. Let me know if you please.

WRS - I spent like two hours trying a "new" way to crop. Failed and wasted my time.
BRS - That image and some other BRS image I cropped and completely failed, too. I just suck at this, but won't give up.
Other Notes
This will be my second Rainmeter skin release to the public, my fourth completed skin, and my sixth skin in general. This time instead of using a cropped image, I just put an image into a star. Why? Originally I cropped an image and it looked much different from its current form, but when I saw it on a darker background, I saw how badly I cropped it. Pissed me off, I gave up. Mind you, I cropped like three BRS/WRS images. Usually I can get some decent crop, but I couldn't. Yeah, I suck. So what?
As for the theme, many people are probably aware that "BRS" stands for "Black Rock Shooter." Surprising enough, I have a deep hatred for anything remotely related to Vocaloid. However, I can't say BRS was not good, since it was. 
Anyways, I don't take requests for skins, but I will gladly take commissions if I'm good enough for your money. Why not? Either way, I hope you show your support some way or another. Also, I don't really take requests, but if you have some neat idea, share it with me, and I may decide to give it a go. Of course, I 
won't take all credit.

  • HUKE, artists/animators/etc that worked on it, and whoever the scanlator was for the image I used in the star.
  • Kazousou for creating and sharing various skins to assist me. My first skin: another author's .ini file (in order to obtain the calculations and whatnot without having to do it myself), as well as other things, all re-arranged and changed til I see fit. Following skins: my first skin completely re-arranged and changed. Check out Kazousou's site for those skins and more! 

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