Friday, August 31, 2012

[Review] Kimi to Boku.

Left to Right: Shun Matsuoka, Kaname Tsukahara, Yuuki Asaba, Yuuta Asaba.
Let me start off with: I don't care what anyone says. Kimi to Boku. is a great series. "It's so boring," "it's the dullest anime evarrrr!" I call bullshit. Here I was listening to the majority of opinions during the first season's release, which ended up with me avoiding the Anime for a short while. Then what? Season two gets green-lit and released. How would a "boring" Anime get a second season (Shounens cannot be grouped with this statement)? That's right. They wouldn't. That made me think, "okay, I guess it must be good to an extent." So yeah, I decided to watch it recently (I'm late), and what happens? Did I enjoy it? Was it good? Was it boring/dull?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Excuse: C9 Love, Vindictus Overcoming (?)

C - The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

So I haven't posted in over six months, I guess? It doesn't really matter since I obviously neglected my blog in these months. But I'll update you all anyhow. I'll summarize what I've been up to in chronological order: