Tuesday, December 18, 2012

All Work, Little Play

I have one job, currently taking this semester off (going back January), and my schedule fluctuates. It does so so much that I could work as little as four shifts, and as many as ten shifts a week. My point? I have free time and nothing I want to spend it on. Order of changes below.

I used to adore Anime [and computer games]. It was my life. Hell, my room is filled with Anime memorabilia merchandise, so much that anyone who doesn't know me would think I'm obsessed with Anime. I'm not so much anymore. Why? Because I'm bored of it.
Shortest way to explain: I'll have rough estimates, since I don't know exactly anymore. Let's say five years ago is when it started. Anime was a large part of my life regularly for two years, then it was not for half a year. It becomes what it was once again for the following year, then no more for the next quarter of a year. Then what? It becomes that once more, but for a mere half a year, and that lasted until the summer of this year, 2012. After the summer, I got a job, and bam! Done with Anime.*
Basically, my periods of liking Anime shortened, and my breaks from it rose in frequency. Skip to "Well that's about it..." for more on this.

To fill the empty void in my life that used to be Anime, I had to do something. What could fill the void well enough? It would need to be relevant to Anime in the smallest way. As I looked around my room, I spotted my book. "Book Girl and the Suicidal Mime." It's a light novel. Light novels (to me) are novels that try to pull of the Anime-esque story and settings. I found what could keep me occupied for the time being. Reading was fun, and still is. I gradually moved to less Anime-esque novels and went to well-written Japanese novels translated and sold in the US. But by the time December hit, I was no longer satisfied with reading. The void was empty again.

Computer games. Specifically MMORPGs. All during the end of 2011 and course of 2012, I went from LaTale to Vindictus to Prototype to C9 to Prototype 2 to Skyrim (but only Skyrim for a few days). I had played Vindictus and Skyrim before, so I merely returned. Each game lasted two months maximum. Then, I just grew tired of all games. I dunno why. Maybe it was the repetitiveness?

Rarity is best pony.
Then comes the slumps every-pony gets. Slumps from anything. From being depressed that your cutie mark hasn't appeared yet to being depressed because the cupcakes you baked for Princess Celestia were not up to par with your own expectations. As for me, I won't lie, but love had put me in slumps and I did resort to bad things to get over it all. But I found the light. No exaggeration here, but My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic saved me from destroying my liver rapidly.

Oh, and I'm considering moving out from my lunatic mother and moving in with a couple friends. Need to sort things out first, and think it through, though.

*Well, that's about it... until today, December 18th, 2012. Yet another free day and nothing I want to do, I decided to watch something that wasn't too long. So no movies, no full episodes of anything (meaning the typical 20-30 minute episodes of shows), so what? The only thing I have are Anime shorts, then.

Opened up Sekiei Ayakashi Mangatan and watched the three episodes of this net Anime. Was not fully satisfied.
Killed time by cleaning my email.
Then I decide to watch something before I go off to drop off college papers and whatnot. Recorder to Randoseru (Recorder and Randsell). Well guys, I can say I'll no longer be completely empty anymore. I've returned to Anime after about two months this time. Pretty short break, but I'm glad to be back. Thank you, Recorder to Randoseru.

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