Friday, January 11, 2013


One of the images she took from the Gundam Hotel
Some of you may know who this refers to. Others may not. Linda Le* (VAMPY BIT ME) is a cosplayer who makes all her own costumes, prepares her own make-up, and all that junk. She's pretty amazing and gorgeous. The latter reason being why she has so many fans, but that's not the point. I'm making this post not to praise or anything like that, but to fairly criticize her on how she acted towards me via Facebook, and what I've noticed of her since then.
*According to one of her fanboys, that's her name. Not sure myself. But yeah.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, "oh, you're taking something on the internet seriously? You're funny." But wait, read it and weep:

"What happened?" You may ask this. Basically, her recent image posts (well, that's pretty much all she posts) were of her visit to the Gundam Hotel. I meant no harm in anything I said; I was merely suggesting that there was some kind of subliminal advertising in there, since every image, no matter how irrelevant, had Gundam in it somewhere. I explained that I understand that going to such a nice place would invoke such a need or want to include things that allow people to know, "oh, you were there, after all!" However, even doing so, either her reading comprehension skills are that of a four-year-old or she was being sarcastic the whole time.

That's what I thought.
Until she restricted my ability to like or comment anything of hers two days later.

That's what did it for me. What did I do wrong, VAMPY? Please, elaborate. I shared my opinion, explained how I meant no harm, then you try to make me out as a bad guy (you weren't very good at trying to turn it around on me, though), delete my post, and then restrict my access? If I was legitimately insulting you or something along those lines, then I'd understand. But this? Really?

Anyways, I wonder if anymore childish antics will follow. I can't say I'm not ready for them. By writing this and posting this, someone in her army of fanboys who need to get their dicks wet will likely alert her, then she will take this post the wrong way and possibly tell people "look at what this person is saying about me! It's making me so sad!" Now, I'm not saying she will indefinitely act that way upon seeing this, but in the hypothetical situation that she does: you're not a princess in distress, VAMPY. Stop.

But do not fret. I won't be posting anymore about this topic. I just needed to let out my anger.
I will close with this, though: I was a fan of her work legitimately. I mean, she makes all her own amazing costumes and well, what else is there to say? Though, in hindsight, is there much else?

Shall I add that this is my favorite costume of hers?
I enjoyed the concept of Gantz, so this appealed to me.


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    1. Hey. Good to see you're still around and well. (and logical I see). It's Nathan. From LaTale, if you remember me. It's been a while. We should get in touch.

  2. I was told she was given her costumes, she didn't make any of them...

  3. I heard that too:

  4. The thing is it was a dream of me to visit Gundam Hotel, I paid for the trip myself, and paid for the hotel to shoot in it. People have dreams of getting married and spending money on stupid cars. Mine is being in Japan and shooting at the Gundam hotel. Simple fact people on the internet are mean, cruel, make up lies to make them look better, and just are ignorant. I found this post from someone and I do not appreciate it at all. Please check all my instagram follow up pictures, I make all my costumes, and also join in teams to help others. Please all the hate must stop. I am honestly tired of people making lies.

    1. Chances are, you probably won't return to see this, but I'll reply anyhow.

      You seem to be misunderstanding, yet again. This whole post? I was questioning what reason you had to restrict me solely from my harmless comment. I also did not make or spread any lies; whether it was on this post or outside of it. Maybe that commenter above is "spreading lies," but I am not saying anything like that.

      Lastly, what do you not appreciate about this post? That I took screenshots of what YOU said to my HARMLESS comment? Okay.

  5. She stole 50 bucks from me. I ll never deal with her again.

  6. She stole 50 bucks from me. I ll never deal with her again.

  7. I just posted a comment today in one of her Instagram pics. She posted a video about some rail shooter arcade and in the bottom of the screen you could read "0 credits", so I wrote a comment like this: "Tfw it says 0 credits so no one is playing..."
    30 seconds (!) later she "responded" to me with a big paragraph of text, which, of course, I TL;DR the crap out of it, followed by her blocking my access to her Instagram account. I ask you, is this a reasonable way of reacting to my comment? I think not.