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[Review] Nisemonogatari

I don't think I need to put her name.
Let me start with this: I didn't like the first season (Bakemonogatari) so much, so I'll be comparing many things from Nisemonogatari with it.

Some of the Characters:
  • Koyomi Araragi: "Are you just taking advantage of your tsundere status to say what you really think?!"
  • Shinobu Oshino: "You won't be able to get me to talk just by buying me donuts. I'm not that cheap of a woman."
  • Karen Araragi: "Anything less than 180 kilos is nothing to me."
  • Tsukihi Araragi: "AH! Shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut up!"
  • Hitagi Senjougahara: "Don't get the wrong idea. I actually hate human garbage like you.
  • Tsubasa Hanekawa: "I don't know everything. I just know what I know."
  • Mayoi Hachikuji: "Sorry, I bit my tongue."
  • Nadeko Sengoku: "I'll show you. I'll show your body..."
I had to mention this, as it reminded me of C - The Money of Soul and Possibility Control.
Pros and Cons:
  • Pro: Everyone's relationship with each other was pretty awesome.
  • Con: As close as everyone was with one another, you barely ever hear them address each others' first names, save Araragi's younger siblings. See? I didn't even call him Koyomi.
  • Pro: I didn't see as many streetlights and cellphones hog screen time for 50% of each episode. 
  • Con: I still saw them a lot.
  • Pro: Things actually happened.
  • Con: Many things that should of happened did not happen.
  • Pro: Just a tad bit of insinuations of incest developing. 
  • Con: Not enough wincest.
  • Pro: I saw Hachikuji a lot more.
  • Con: Not enough loli.
  • Pro: Sengoku was in it.
  • Con: Not enough Sengoku.

And we're off to the review!
  • Season Count: Who the hell knows? They might just write another goddamn book to adapt.
  • Episode Count: 11
  • Presentation/Appearance - 4/5
    • The Anime looks as great as ever. Not as many random sequences of various objects and pictures like the first season.
  • Characters - 4.5/5
    • As opposed to the first season, the characters showed more humane sides and felt more real to me. Though, if there was any problem, I'd say the characters were far too bipolar. No, that's not right, they were like slightly different people as the episodes went on. As if there was a new person writing each scene or line. 
  • Plot/Story/Genre (Action, Comedy, Drama) - 4/5
    • The overall story for this was much better written. Especially the script and whatnot. The comic relief was placed rather pleasantly; as was the serious plot. There were very few fight scenes, but the ones that were there, were equivalent to ten or twenty short fights. They were unbelievably exaggerated and amazingly directed (if you ask me), but that's exactly what added to the comedy and drama of it all. 
  • Music/Sound - 4/5
    • Tsukihi's opening theme song was just adorable. Caused me to go on Facebook to alert my friend of "too many cute things in this world." 
  • Final Verdict - 4/5
    • I was pulled in and engaged in the series every second.  Separated very well. You had more of an idea of each characters' role in each others' lives, and the development was more visible. The director did a great job this time around, if you ask me. It's amazing how well the comedy and drama aspects were blended so well together. At least it wasn't as bad as Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood's comic relief that was all over the place (so much that my friend actually said it ruined the series. It did make it pretty bad, though).
    • The reason I don't give it a higher score in my book is because there was one fairly large problem. This season didn't reveal all that it should have. They'd mention one or two things and leave it hanging, so to speak. There were holes, but I'm quite aware it is meant to be revealed in the coming seasons. Cliffhangers are not very enjoyable, though. And I'm aware the manga or books probably reveal more, or the next book is supposed to. I personally don't give a rat's ass. Nobody likes huge cliffhangers like this. Some people actually drop series of any form due to terrible cliffhangers.
Enjoy this little strip I capped.
Didn't like my many mentions of "like/as the first season?" Tough shit. I didn't particularly favor the first season the first time around. But I gave it a fair chance and it turned out good... Not as good as this season, though. I may return to this post and add an edit note if I ever get to rewatching the first season.

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