Name: Paul
Occupation: Restaurant Host

I’ll clear things up a bit here (to any potential readers):
  1. Any kind of request, please submit it via comment. (i.e. question, image info request, etc.)
  2. This is a long-time running blog through years of growing. So contradictory statements, comments, grammar, etc. may be apparent. 
  3. I hate Shounens.
  4. I'm an elitist.
  5. I'm back, motherfuckers!
I will specify completely biased opinions occasionally, and sometimes I make it clear that everything was biased whether good or bad.


“Why'd you start blogging?”Because if I post this on my personal Facebook, I get mostly shit-tier feedback, 'cause nobody hip to the Animu game.

"Why'd you decide on Biased Otaku?" 
It was a mistake when I was young and dumb. I'm grown now. I'm an Animu Elitist, reborn from another era! Bwahaha

“What exactly is your preference for Anime?”  

“Do you use Photoshop for your banners and other things or do you just find them online?”
Shitty cropping because I suck at Photoshop. Herp.

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