This page will feature small updates in my daily life. Only things somewhat relevant to my Otaku-dom. 

[08/24/16] - I'm back to blogging, motherfuckers!
[01/06/14] - Not dedicating myself to any online games (MMORPGs) anymore. Playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf and watching Anime whenever I have time. Also debating on returning to college classes or just working.
[12/ --/13] - I made a solo return to LaTale, which did not last long.
[09/ --/13] - We've all officially quit Tera Online due to real life obligations. Skipping another semester of college.
[06/09/13] - Picked up my preordered Nintendo 3DS - Animal Crossing: New Leaf bundle. A game series that is loved by all. Want proof? Check out the average ratings and reviews. All average as a highly rated game.
[05/18/13] - Classes finished. Semester over. Got myself another job at a different restaurant.
[03/ --/13] - Quit my job to focus on classes.
[02/07/13] - Despite not being interested in games as a whole, my closest friend found an MMO for us to play once more (same one who played Vindictus with me). We're now dedicated to Tera Online after it had become Free to Play (F2P) on the fifth of February.
[02/ --/13] - Not feeling up for Anime. Mostly watching Big Bang Theory.
[01/20/13] - Started up classes again.
[12/18/12] - Morning off work. Seriously feeling empty and needing to do anything. Open up some Anime. Recorder to Randoseru officially brought me back to Anime.
[11/ --/12] - Picked up My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic for several reasons. No regrets. Greatest cartoon.
[10/ --/12] - Early October, I was becoming disinterested in Anime and games. Focusing completely on work.
[09/01/12] - Received news that I got the job at a restaurant (essentially). No longer have time for my hobbies. 
[08/ --/12] - Hiatus from C9 somewhere around mid-September.
[08/04/12] - Began playing Continent of the Ninth (C9). Quit LaTale for good, I suppose.
[07/ --/12] - Quit Vindictus. 
[06/ --/12] - Returned to Vindictus. Returned from Anime hiatus, as well.
[04/01/12] - Began hiatus from LaTale due to classes.
[01/ --/12] - Returned to LaTale.
[12/23/11] - Completely loafed on updates. Started making Rainmeter skins as of... the 20th, I believe. New one is now finally posted. Technically the sixth skin. Probably done with Rainmeter.
[10/23/11] - Updated banner and playlist. For no reason. I'm just returning to my Lucky Star fandom.
[10/10/11] - Within the past two months, quit Rainmeter (couple reasons), opened up new section despite lack of popularity to get requests, acting like Blogspot is a diary. Yeah.
[07/31/11] - Finished second Rainmeter Skin(s). Working out kinks and bugs for it before deciding on release.
[07/30/11] - Two things. 1) Started second Rainmeter Skin(s), completed 30%. 2) Submitted first Rainmeter Skin after applying 30+ hours to it. Here for full info.
[07/23/11] - Two things. 1) Worked out most, if not all of kinks and bugs to Rainmeter Skin. Coming up with clever name, then posting it on customize.org. 2) Milanoo.com shipment arrived. Here for full info.
[07/21/11] - Finished Rainmeter project. Currently figuring out what's left to add or edit. Will be released within the next week. Approximately 30 hours total applied to project, 50+ files, 900x700 total dimensions.
[07/18/11] - Began my customized rainmeter project. Will post up the completed product once I finish. It will take me a while since I’m pretty much new at Rainmeter. And no, it will not be a simple skin that does almost nothing interactable.


  1. OMG HEY PAUL!!! I missed u and the others .I'm Raymond,u know from latale,XxXBard.why are u quitting latale? It got alot fun-er.PLZ join backOr at least think about it

    1. Of course I remember you. And it means a lot that you miss us. I speak on behalf of the others.
      So how'd you find this blog? Did you remember it from my mentioning or what?
      The thing is, I upgraded my gaming tastes to that of C9, at the very minimum. So I probably won't actually return to LaTale. Not to mention I have a job now that takes up most my time, that I don't even have time to game.

    2. Nathan told me the website.as soon as I saw "quit latale for good"I typed to you. And how's ur job? What happens when u update you upgrade to C9?btw I'm lv 194 Mae so if(when) you do come back,I'll be waiting for u right dere for u to join my pt and I leech u ;) I rly RLY do miss u guys. Do u have Facebook or something?

    3. Sure. If by some chance I do return, I'll hit you up. I do have a Facebook. Email my junk email account your link: yujo12345@yahoo.com
      It means a lot that you miss us, man. I upgraded my gaming tastes to that of C9. If you look at the tags on the right, "Continent of the Ninth (C9)" is on there. It's in alphabetical order.